3 March 2009

Left Coast Crime Looms

Left Coast Crime Looms is a rather effete way of saying we're nearly on our way.

Tomorrow we meet up with Sunnie in Sydney airport and then we board our flight to Honolulu. So today is all about the packing, taking the cat to our friend's house, cancelling the papers, arranging with a neighbour to collect the letetrs, making sure we've remembered everything.

The picture on the right shows the "little bag" crammed to the gills with giveaways for our Fair Dinkum Crime panel. Note the jars of Vegemite that are snuggled in too.

And this is the beginning of a number of automated posts so that if you are a follower of my blog, you won't feel bereft without my almost daily words of wisdom.

I have written a few posts in advance because although we will have internet access, I may not have much time to write "on the spot" posts although I hope to do a few.

Closer to 12 March I will also post the handout we are giving to those who come to our session, so that they can have it online with links, but also so you can have access to it.


Anonymous said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time! Thanks so much for taking the books too!!

Marg said...

Have a great time!

Dorte H said...

Enjoy it!
- and if I were you, I would leave the vegemite and smuggle in another Robotham or two :D

Kerrie said...

It is difficult for those not born here to understand our addiction to vegemite Dorte. I feel fine so long as I have some with me. I don't necessarily have to eat it every day though

Marg said...

I was born here and I agree with Dorte! It's horrible, horrible stuff! LOL!


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