8 March 2009

LeftCoast Crime -Update #1

Things have got off to an excellent start. The Aussie contingent (the Fair Dinkum Crime panel) are by and large all here, although I have yet to meet Sarah.

Yesterday we did the Discovery Circle Island orientation tour and the grey skies and rain followed us all the way. But we visited a smoking caldera, and rain forest, and waterfalls and Hilo, so now we more or less know where everything is.

This morning began with a 4MA breakfast with about 14 attendees, and we exchanged white elephant items. We've now completed registration and collected a formidable bag with its impressive complement of books. So now a quandary. Do I read the book I had intended to read or choose one from the bag?
Perhaps since Rhys Bowen is here, and I hope to go to one of the sessions where she is speaking, I'll read HER ROYAL SPYNESS which is in the bag. I reviewed A ROYAL PAIN a few days back.

There are some orientation lectures happpening this afternoon, and then this evening a welcome ceremony with "Desserts to Die For".

As always the programme is full of those conflicts where you would like to be in several places at once, not the least that I'm doing my 15 minute Talk Story in competition with the panel where Helene Tursten is speaking. Oh well! I'll just have to put up with people telling me what I missed out on.


Bernadette said...

Glad to hear you're having fun already Kerrie. I'm not quite as jealous as I otherwise would be because it's my favourite weekend of the year in Adelaide (Womad) but I'm still a bit wistful. Have a Mai Tai for me :)

Kerrie said...

Hope the weather is good for WOMAD Bernadette. I'll toast you with a MaiTai

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks for keeping the rest of us up to date, Kerrie.


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