3 July 2010

Crime Fiction takes you travelling

The crime fiction titles that I have read and reviewed in the first half of 2010 have taken me on a virtual world journey.
Oh yes, I can see that there are many countries I haven't visited, but there are some that I have spent quite a lot of reading time in too.
It will be interesting, if I remember, to see how many more countries I can add by the end of the year.

create your own visited country map

Participating in challenges like the Scandinavian Reading Challenge, and the Global Reading Challenge, that ask you to look for novels (in my case crime fiction) set in a variety of countries, help too.

And don't be afraid of translations. There are some great ones to choose from.

The other stimulus is my membership of the Crime and Mystery Fiction on Friend Feed where I have virtual friends from all over the globe. Most are busy readers and bloggers, and they point me to books that not only fit the genre I read, but also represent the best recent publications.

Just a reminder too that I am still collecting "best crime fiction reads" - 5-10 of the best you've read this year. Check this post, and leave your list as a comment there.


BooksPlease said...

That's an impressive virtual journey! I haven't joined those challenges but I'm still interested in seeing how far round the world I've read, so I'm going to try to do my own map.

Kerrie said...

Good Margaret - I'll look forward to seeing your map


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