21 July 2010

Agatha Christie's Appointment With Death

I was so taken with an image of Hercule Poirot trying to blot out the sound of people arguing in the next room, that I went searching for the video on YouTube.

Just in case you didn't know, although I have pointed it out before, you can often get tasters of the Agatha Christie TV films on YouTube. This was no exception.

If the embedding does notwork for you above, then here is the link.

If you choose to watch it on YouTube itself then you will also find more labelled Appointment with Death Part 2, Part 3.. and so on up to Part 9.

If you have an iPad, then search for Appointment with Death in the YouTube App.

I have discovered so many of the movies based on Agatha Christie novels are available in the same way. For example there are 896 entries on YouTube for Miss Marple.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for these! That scene of Poirot trying to sleep during that argument is memorable and I'm glad it's still out there on YouTube : ).

Erotic Horizon said...

I love this one - I remember thinking that was classic Poirot moment...

The clips on You tube are really neat..


Janet Rudolph said...

Wow.. this is fabulous news! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to watch all the Miss Marples..


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