4 July 2010

Sunday Salon: MiP - more than a book review blog

One of the things I try to do with my blog, apart from publish reviews of the books that I read, is  engage my followers/readers in conversation, and give them things to do.
I also try to guage their opinions, and give them links to items of interest on the 'net.

I often conduct polls like the one that was on my blog this week:
I myself have a policy that I never, these days, read or listen to an abridged book.
But some of my commenters revealed that, as in my home when I was a child, Readers Digest books introduced them to great authors.
And so the poll wasn't as clear cut as I thought it might be.
Check all the comments (and the post) for yourself.
I must admit that if I was staying in a holiday cottage, and had run out of books to read, I wouldn't ignore an abridged book, if that was all that was available.

This week's poll asks about your favourite crime fiction sub-genres.
There's an explanatory post: Defining your favourite crime fiction, and an invitation to vote and then leave a comment explaining your vote.

One of the things I am doing this week is collecting "best crime fiction reads" - 5-10 of the best you've read this year. Check this post, and leave your list as a comment there.

Have you noticed the News Headlines I have running in the right hand panel?
I add something new nearly every day.
This week's headlines:
This week's posts


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - One of the things that I like very much about your blog is that you've made it into a real forum for crime fiction discussion. I enjoy your polls, and I look forward to your tours, challenges and memes, too.

Anonymous said...

My head is spinning from everything you have on here.

BUT at least it's all good stuff that has my head spinning. :)


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