18 July 2010

Weekly Geeks: 2010-24 Shiny Book Syndrome

This week's Weekly Geeks task asks us to think about the books we have sitting on our shelves, and don't get around to reading.

Instead of reading one of those we choose the latest, newest book we've bought. Sound familiar? What makes me do that? Is there a cure?

I think the answer is that unfortunately our favourite authors keep writing new books, and those dang publishers keep publishing them. In my case too, people keep contacting me about this or that new book to review. [don't stop though! I love getting them]

This week's Weekly Geek host, Tara, makes a lot of sensible suggestions about coping with the problem, but I'm afraid none of them really helps me.
I can't choose yet another challenge: it is challenges that are partly responsible for the problem. Over on Reactions to Reading, Bernadette blames some of the problem on "such worthy activities as the Global Reading Challenge and the CWA International Dagger Award Shortlist", and I think she's hit the nail on the head!

One of things that I have found is that the longer a book languishes on my shelves, the less attractive it seems to become. I was really pleased a week or two ago when I realised that both the books suggested for discussion for my next f2f (face 2 face) book group meeting were already on my shelves.

I've tried a few things that do work in some measure:
  • I arrange books on shelves in the order in which I should read them - that doesn't stop the hand from picking the wrong one.
  • I make lists - even visible ones like the Currently Reading block in the side bar of this blog - or sometimes just private ones, on the shelf.
  • For some of the challenges I have joined I have considered the books on the shelves very carefully to see if any there fit what I need.
  • I used to be able to take some of the books away with me when I have travelled - I've been known to pack 7 or 8 books for a week away from home - but that one doesn't work now when I have my Kindle which is an attractive weight saver.
  • I've been borrowing fewer library books so I have more time to focus on the books I already have.
  • I rarely visit a book store, but then when I do, it is like being at a luscious buffet, and my resistance is low!
So perhaps you have a solution? Suggest away!


Bernadette said...

LOL Kerrie - my resistance is low too :)

Marg said...

I struggle to fit books in that I own all the time.

The best thing that I did recently was to participate in ROOB - Reading Our Own Books - where for a month my reading decisions were based on books that I own, with a minimum number of review books and library. What it did in that month was to remind me that I did enjoy those author's books enough to want to own them rather than borrow them, and it was a good reminder to me.

Uriah Robinson said...

I blame all the "blogging gang" for suggesting fantastic new books before I have read those that have been sitting on the shelf for months. Those challenges don't help either. I too need to build up some resistance.

Rikki said...

None of the suggestions work. I think we just read what we feel like, no matter how long or not it has been sitting there. And that is perfectly ok.

Mason Canyon said...

If only there was an answer to this problem. But then, I'm not sure I'd want it if it meant not having as many books. LOL We just can't help ourselves.

Thoughts in Progress

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - No doubt that challenges and other bloggers have a way of adding to the books on the shelves. Like you, I can't cull my books and, also like you, when I'm thinking about what to read (either for a challenge or something else), I start by looking at what I already have on my shelves.

Deb said...

I made a pledge this year to read only from my tbr pile and not buy any more books (whether new or used). I did not exempt library books because, after all, library books do eventually get returned to the library. I was doing quite well, really whittling down the pile until my avid reader mother arrived for a visit with several bags of books for me. Mount tbr is much where it was at the beginning of the year. I may just break down and accept that I'll NEVER read some of these books and just donate them to the Friends of the Library book sale.

Maxine Clarke said...

Nothing really works, but as you say for me a killer is getting books from multi-sources - bookshop browsing, Amazon, library, ebook, audio book, from publishers, from Euro Crime for review, swaps, etc. If I could manage to reduce the parallel tracks of book input, I'd have more chance of wading through those I've got. (Who am I fooling?)

kathy d. said...

I finally got my TBR pile down to a dull roar and read what I'd gotten from the Book Depository and am reading library books now before I order from Amazon and Book Depository. And I'm still reading some other books I acquired as gifts
before ordering more.

But the TBO (to be ordered) pile is growing and growing with lists from this blog, Petrona, EuroCrime, Books to the Ceiling, Detectives Beyond Borders, award nominees, etc. That's what I have to worry about and not blow the budget and again have huge TBR piles at one time.

For me, going into a bookstore is akin to going into a baker--the sights, smells and temptation are more than I can withstand, so I cave in.

Kerrie said...

I think Mason has hit the nail on the head - we can't help ourselves (but we do - literally)

kathy d. said...

And Reactions to Reading always gives me book ideas to add to the TBO pile.

Yes, having internet access with a credit card, great blogs to read about books and bookstores with the latest books (U.S.-published; international take eons to get here)
is almost to great a temptation.

gautami tripathy said...

I think all of us suffer from it to some extent or the other!

Here is my Weekly Geeks post!

Erotic Horizon said...

Kerrie - I don think there is anything out there to help...

Go with it my dear and enjoy...

fun fun post - you make me smile...

Happy reading week hon...



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