31 July 2010

Interesting picture emerging

In the Answer Garden post I ran this week, an interesting picture is emerging from the titles people have been adding.
Truth has hit the front, added in by 3 people
Then comes Bleed For Me, Dead Point, and Gunshot Road each on 2 - all Australian authors so far.

Then another 13 titles.
Only two are Scandinavian, only 2 are translated (I think). Leave a comment if you think I am wrong.

Note: what is below is only an image! not the actual Answer Garden.
It is not too late to enter your own nomination. Do it here.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, this is interesting! Thank you for posting it. I like the way you compile so neatly what we think :).

Bernadette said...

Interesting, not sure what it says but always good to see aussie authors being highlighted. Are you going to leave it open for longer? Lots of those lazy Northern Hemisphere types are off on their holidays at the moment :)

Kerrie said...

Yes, I will leave it running- I don't know how to close it anyway


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