18 July 2010

Whydunnits - Whodunnits: All even

Last week's poll asked "In the most recent murder mystery you read, did you know who the murderer was?"

I had thought that whydunnits were becoming more prevalent, but among this blog's readers, the balance is even.

Those who left comments however described books which synched with my own recent experience of knowing right from the start who committed the crime, and then being a spectator as the investigators came to the same understanding.

 Books mentioned/recommended in the comments:
(not necessarily all whydunnits)

"The Suspect," by Canadian writer L.R. Wright
For the King by Catherine Delors
The Broken Shore by Peter Temple
Barbara Vine´s A Dark-Adapted Eye
The Darkest Room, by Johan Theorin
Jassy Mackenzie's Random Violence
Bad Boy by Peter Robinson


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - That's interesting. I'd have thought, too, that whydunits were getting more common than whodunits. Guess I was wrong...

Kerrie said...

Could just be a reflection that we are not all reading recent publications Margot


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