22 July 2010

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Update - 22 July 2010

I have not got around to reading my scheduled Agatha Christie novel this month - I should have read the ABC MURDERS!

All I can claim is one short story - The Edge

But I'm still doing pretty well
  • I have read 18 novels out of an estimated 87, although I keep seeing different numbers. The other day I saw 103 as the total number of novels - I hope not.
  • I have also read 95 short stories coming from 8 collections. I'm not sure just how many short stories there are to hunt down. Perhaps someone has seen a number somewhere?
What is fascinating me is just how prolific a writer Agatha Christie was. She must have been writing constantly, many short stories every year, as well as a novel every year.
In some years 2, even 3 novels, were published and that is a fabulous output. The short stories were usually published one at a time, in a popular magazine, and then compiled later for publication as a collection.
The fact that many of the novels and even the short story collections were published in the US and the UK under different titles causes some confusion.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I, too, have always been amazed at how prolific Christie was. It leaves me in awe. I do hope you'll like The ABC Murders when you get to it; I liked the twists and turns in that one very much.


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