18 July 2010

Sunday Salon: When you know you've had a good week

A good week for me is when I get a lot of reading done.
Earlier this week I did a bit of travelling, flights that took 2-3 hours, and so I got quite a bit of reading done, and some reviews written.

Participate in the ACRC's Agatha Christie Blog Tour September 1-30
The ACRC Blog Carnival will be taking part in world wide celebrations of Agatha Christie's 120th birthday with a blog carnival tour from 1-30 September 2010.
Participants will volunteer for a day in September to host the carnival.
Your post of course must be related to an Agatha Christie topic. Indicate your interest in being a stop on the blog tour by leaving a comment on the blog post, together with a suggested date.
Please include the title/location of your blog.

This week's posts:
News & Headlines


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for mentioning the Agatha Christie blog tour - I look forward to it! And thanks for including Confessions... as one of the stops.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, as we say here in the States, "It looks like you've been a busy camper." Kudos for all the work on the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge. I have one review I plan to get into you before the deadline. I planned on having more, but this month so far has been a busy one with work so not getting as much reading done as I'd like -- and won't lie that wife and I are hooked on MI-5 (on Vol. 6) so cuts into the reading time too.


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