15 July 2010

CWA International Dagger - My Verdict

So here is my final listing for UK Crime Writers Association International Dagger Award for translated crime fiction which is due to be announced on July 23.

The short list
Here is my order..

5.0, HYPOTHERMIA, Arnaldur Indridason
5.0, THE DARKEST ROOM, Johan Theorin
4.8, THIRTEEN HOURS, Deon Meyer
4.5, AUGUST HEAT, Andrea Camilleri
4.4 BADFELLAS, Tonino Benacquista

Of course, what you must take into account is that I am notoriously bad at getting things right.
How did I choose between HYPOTHERMIA and THE DARKEST ROOM?
Not sure really. This is the order I have them in on Smik's Reviews
If it was Australia's Ned Kelly Award, they'd be declared joint winners.

There's a group of us who have been generating our own rankings and you might like to check these blogs: Reactions to Reading, Crime Scraps, and if you’ve not yet done so you can vote at Euro Crime (see the very top of the right hand side bar) for the book you want to win the award and again for the book you think will win the award.

What do you think - is my list the same as yours?


Bernadette said...

Hypothermia is my favourite too, though I'm pretty sure it won't win.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your perspective, Kerrie. I'm just happy they're all really fine books.

Roger Cornwell said...

Hi, I'm the CWA's webmaster. We intend to launch a new CWA website (on the same address thecwa.co.uk) on 23rd July, and will post the results as soon as we can after they happen.

If you use Twitter, any tweet with the hashtag #thedaggers will show up on our new site. So why not give it a go?


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