16 July 2010

Review: EXECUTIVE RETENTION, Maria E. Schneider

subtitle: Spinmeisters Go for Broke
Published on Smashwords 2010, BearMountainBooks.com
Read on my Kindle, with a complimentary copy from the author.
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After solving one case of corporate crime, Sedona expected to get her peaceful life back. Problem: She is still a manager at Strandfrost, and there is still rampant jealousy over her promotion. Is the danger of being railroaded by her not-so-illustrious colleagues worse than taking a new undercover job from Steve Huntington?
Crooks are coming out of the woodwork and family troubles are stewing. Sedona needs to keep her sanity intact, piece together mismatched clues and dodge more than one stray bullet. If she can manage all of that, maybe she’ll have time to figure out whether her love life stands a chance.

After working with him on a previous contract Sedona O'Hala should  know better than to accept a dinner engagement with Steve Huntington. Especially  when he wants her to leave her current managerial job at Strandfrost to take up another undercover one at Acetel services. There are rumours rampant about mismanagement at Acetel and Steve needs Sedona to become one of the employees and find out what is really going on. Their dinner where he is to tell her all turns into a disaster when two goons turn up looking for Steve and he makes a quick exit leaving Sedona to pay the bill.

Just as Maria's first Sedona O'Hala book EXECUTIVE LUNCH struck a chord with me, so did EXECUTIVE RETENTION. Someone appears to be reducing the company's profitability, and not even retrenchments are restoring it. I am very well aware of the pre-occupation with the balance sheet. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of this latest offering.

My rating 4.2

Maria held a poll to make the final choice for the cover of EXECUTIVE RETENTION. See the alternative covers here. An excerpt is online here.

I reviewed the first in this series: EXECUTIVE LUNCH


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I always like it when you introduce me to an author I've not "met" before. I'm going to give this one a go.

Bernadette said...

Sounds like a solid read, though I'd get a new cover artist if it were up to me - none of the options grabbed me


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