13 February 2009

Australianisms , Australian language in use

Puzzled by the Australian language? Baffled by Strine in use? Then you may be interested in the Australian Word Map project managed by Auntie (The Australian Broadcasting Commission). Just click here or on the image.

The Word Map is mapping Australian regionalisms - words, phrases or expressions used by particular language groups. The project began in 2005 so I'm not sure how active it is now.

A friend emailed me about sanger.
Here is what a search reveals:

a sandwich: I had a sanger for lunch.

Contributor's comments: This word is hardly restricted to the region shown thus far - it is well known in Melbourne and Perth (where I have lived).

Contributor's comments: I agree that this term is not restricted to Melbourne and Perth. It is used here in Sydney but usually only in a very casual or slang frame of reference.

Contributor's comments: Sanger is commonly used throughout Australia by members of the Defence Forces.
Some words like togs or cozzie seem pretty Eastern states to me, but there are a wealth of contributions, so have fun, and bookmark it as a place to return to when you are puzzled by words used in Australian crime fiction.

And avagooday! (you won't find that one in the word map - just say it slowly!)


Anonymous said...

I adore Peter Temple. I read "Satdee arvo" and I was lost!

Bernadette said...

Very cool, thanks Kerrie. My brother married an American and lives there - I have great fun introducing my very American nieces to Aussie words so will show them this.


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