17 February 2009

Encompass - finding new authors

Another interesting tool for finding new authors is the Encompass Wheel at the British Council website. Here is what you see at the start

You click on the category that you want, e.g. Books for Adults

And of course then I am going to choose Crime

This is where the experience becomes a bit disappointing. At this stage you choose one or more categories and then the system generates a list. I found the lists were not very extensive, but unlike what we saw yesterday in the literature map, the list is printable, and it has information about specific books.

However, it does link off to an allied British Council Contemporary Writers site where you can search a large database. However once again the lists here are a bit eclectic with huge omissions and some strange inclusions.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Kerrie, I'll have to take a look...


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