9 February 2009

oz_mystery_readers turns 6

Today it is 6 years since I created oz_mystery_readers.

What I wanted to do was to create an online group where Australian crime fiction readers could meet to discuss books available in Australia.
As you can see from our message history, things got off to a fairly slow start.
But then in late 2004 we introduced bi-monthly discussions which in 2005 became monthly.

We currently have 127 members and have really never had many more than that. However that means each month we have 2-3 postings per member and that compares very favourably with other groups.

We currently not only have quite a number of international members, we also have a number of authors in our membership. We read quite a range of crime fiction, with a regular focus on Australian crime fiction.

So if you are looking for a group where you won't be overwhelmed with a large number of emails each month (perhaps a maximum of 100 a week), where we choose books to discuss on a regular basis, and if you are particularly interested in Australian crime fiction, then perhaps this is the group for you.

Our discussion books are suggested and selected by our members.
Upcoming discussions

March 1-10,WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS? by Kate Atkinson

April 1-10,THE LOW ROAD by Chris Womersley


FRANTIC by Katherine Howell and WHAT THE DEAD KNOW byLaura Lippmann.

1 comment:

Bernadette said...

Well done on keeping the group going and growing Kerrie. I admit I like the relatively small number of messages...I've recently left two online groups because I couldn't keep up with the hundreds of messages per week.


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