27 February 2009

Checking the value of your website

I came across this tool called Stimator a couple of days ago.

I originally tried it on this blog MYSTERIES in PARADISE and it came up with a pretty average sort of result. Disappointing I thought.

Smik's Reviews barely registered.

Blogs I'm watching has lots of links on it, I thought, it should do better! Well, it did, the result staggered me:

As did the result for my latest creation the AGATHA CHRISTIE READING CHALLENGE Carnival, which really hasn't attracted all that much traffic yet, and really only has 4 postings on it altogether!

My friend Kerry explained it to me: it is all to do with the key words of the blog, it is related to the Google search and the popularity of those terms in Google searches.

Whatever! I'm chuffed! Anybody got a spare $5million US?


Melissa O. said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog :-) I submitted my review on the blog carnival.

I'm also subscribing to your blog now! :-)

Dorte H said...

"Due to heavy traffic we are updating our resources".
That is all they say when I try to check my blog - is it because you are testing all your friends´ blogs, Kerrie? ;)

Kerrie said...

Thanks Melissa.

Stimator seems to be working now Dorte. Perhaps I provoked some heavy traffic

Dorte H said...

One could hope that - I like the idea of all your visitors testing their blogs at the same time :D


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