15 February 2009

How Many Books did you read in 2008?

Last year I ran a little poll asking people how many books they thought they would finish reading in 2008. Now I find I didn't keep a record of that poll.

However I am now asking how many books did you actually finish?
The poll over in the right hand margin asks you to select a range.
    50 or less
    more than 200
After the poll closes I will update this post with the results so I don't lose them for the future.
What I discovered last year, from memory, is that most followers of this blog fell into the 51-100 range, that is about 2 books a week.

Leave a comment if you want to give me more precise numbers etc.
I'd also like some suggestions about what polls you'd be interested in participating in.


Cathy said...

My final total was 173 for last year. Polls can be fun, but it's not always easy to come up with poll questions. I'd help you out, but then we might be having the same questions on our blogs!

Kerrie said...

That's over 3 a week Cathy. Basically one every 2 days. I can do that on holidays but not normally.

Lisa said...

I only managed 46 books last year (I think, 40-something). It wasn't a good year at all. This year started off with a bang, but February isn't going so great.


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