23 February 2009

Your Blog is Fabulous Award

Many thanks to Dorte who writes DJs krimiblog for bestowing this award on me. I feel very honoured because her blog is truly fabulous - she publishes in both English and Danish.

My blog gives me such pleasure to write! I try to use some of the web 2.0 tools available - tools that enable readers to interact - really apart from comments and polls Blogger doesn't really have a lot to offer. I do believe in updating it regularly, posting daily if I can, and pointing to interesting topics.

The idea of course is to share the love, and hand the award on, so who will I choose? Dorte says I should choose "newbie blogs" but I'm not sure what she means.

Please don't be offended if I haven't chosen yours! My choices for the award are


gautami tripathy said...

Congrats to you.

And thanks Kerrie, for passing this award to me!

Wendy said...

Your blog IS fabulous!! Well deserving of this award :)

Thanks for recognizing mine for this award as well...I am truly flattered!

Paul Bishop said...

Wow, Kerrie! Thanks for the kudos on Bish's Beat. Glad you enjoy the postings!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful. Always an interesting and informative read. Thanks for the entertainment.


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