3 February 2009

ACRC Update - 3 February 2009

My intent in the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge is to read her books in order, so that I can get some idea of what she is doing, problems she is attempting to solve, and her development as a writer. If you look at some of my reviews you will see that I have been able to undertake some of this reflection.

I am mainly borrowing the books from my local library and as such am a bit subject to some outside influences, and as a result may do a little out of order reading.

Check the opening blog of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge here.
  2. 1922, THE SECRET ADVERSARY- finished
  3. 1923, THE MURDER ON THE LINKS - finished
  4. 1924, THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT - finished
    1924, POIROT INVESTIGATES (short stories: eleven in the UK, fourteen in the US) - finished
  5. 1925, THE SECRET OF CHIMNEYS - finished
  6. 1926, THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD - finished
  7. 1927, THE BIG FOUR - finished
  8. 1928, THE MYSTERY OF THE BLUE TRAIN - on reserve at the library
  9. 1929, THE SEVEN DIALS MYSTERY - I have a copy of this
I am using the list at Wikipedia of novels and collections of short stories. I will interlace the short story collections into the list where I can, but may have to read them out of order. I have decided on a method for reporting on the short stories.

Please feel free to join in my challenge, comment on my reviews etc.

I have set up a block over in the right hand column called Agatha Christie Reading Challenge (with the same logo as this post) where I am listing the books I'm currently reading and those I've finished.
The challenge is called ACRC so each review will be preceded by those letters.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great challenge, Kerrie, good luck! There's a lot of criticism directed at Agatha Christie's work - much of it valid - but she's the most commercially successful author ever, so she must have been doing something right...

Anonymous said...

I'm a serious fan of Agatha Christie, too! I've read all of the Hercule Poirot mysteries and several of the Miss Marple mysteries, too. One of the things I like about her approach to writing mysteries is her focus on the personality and psychology of each of the main characters. For example, in Cards On The Table, the entire focus of the book is on the personalities of the four suspects. She had real insights into how to create stories that focused on whether the murder was the kind of murder a suspect might commit.
I've been influenced heavily by Christie in my own writing. For instance in my book, Publish or Perish (http://www.strategicbookpublishing.com/PublishOrPerish.html), the characters and personalities of the victim and the suspects are at least as important in solving the mystery as are things like alibis and other clues.


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