25 February 2009

Scene of the Blog

Cathy at Kittling:Books is running a fascinating series called Scene of the Blog.

So far we get a glimpse of where three bloggers create their posts, but this is a weekly series worth book marking. Cathy says she already has over 35 volunteers who've sent photos to her and written a little about themselves. If you'd like to participate, then all you need to do is contact her.


Dorte H said...

Great commercial! - and thanks a lot for the Marple link you sent me. I have put it directly in my post so no one is going to miss it :)

And no I am going to visit Cathy.

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for this link, Kerrie! I've seen quite a few people coming over from your blog to mine, and I'm also getting requests from bloggers who want to participate. This is great!


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