21 February 2009

Winging Our Way to Left Coast Crime in 11 more sleeps

In the terminology that kids use, only 11 more sleeps until we are on our way!

I've written before about the Awards being given, and the Fair Dinkum Crime panel I'm moderating.

Our panel is Sunnie, Helen, Sarah, Kathy, Ann, and me.

As we are getting to pointy end as we say Downunder, I'm doing the mental checklist thingy that you do:
  • plane tickets,
  • accommodation,
  • paper printouts of other tickets and receipts and arrangements,
  • books to give away at the panel,
  • books to read on the plane (very important!) - I'm taking Australian authors so I can add them to the panel giveaways,
  • treats such as Vegemite on SAO biscuits for those who attend our session,
  • and other stuff for the sweet toothed ones,
  • Dell Mini for internet access, writing book reviews and blog postings,
  • clothes, shoes, and other such essentials
  • mobile phone (may not work)
  • money (very important)
  • digital camera
My second bag will contain books supplied by the following Australian authors or their publishers: Michael Robotham, Felicity Young, P. D. Martin, Brian Kavanagh, Adrian Hyland

Helen will have with her books from Katherine Howell, and Sunnie has titles from Chris Womersley, Lenny Bartulin, Tony Berry, and Jane R. Goodall.

So what have I forgotten?


Anonymous said...

Well, I got the suitcase out today but so far all I've packed are two lots of swimmers, my old mask and snorkel and my sandals! I think I have a long way to go.

Kerrie said...

good to hear from you Fran. I need ot remember my bathers!

Dorte H said...

I think you sound very well prepared :)
Glad you bring Michael Robotham, one of the few Australian authors I know.
Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Well, don't forget to cancel the newspapers and do you need to bake lasagnas and the like for poor abandoned family members? No, I haven't done either. But I have dug out my nerdy eyeglass strap (for those of us who can't find the edge of the pool without our specs). And I have my copy of Diamond Dove to contribute to the giveaways.

I thought of getting the famous Obama cookies, but apparently the store is rushed off its feet, getting orders for thousands of cookies a day, from all over the world, since he stopped by last week to buy some for his daughters.

Ann in Ottawa


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