22 April 2009

Blog Improvement Project #8: Leaving Good Comments

I've recently decided to join the Blog Improvement Project, so I've missed out on doing some of the earlier tasks.

This week's task
is about leaving quality comments on the blogs of others and seeing whether that attracts commenters to your blog.

In addition the task includes hunting down some advice about how to write quality comments.

We are also asked whether we keep track of the comments we leave on other people's blogs. Well, I do in a way, but I don't always tick that box that sends follow up comments back to me.

My goals this year have included leaving a comment, if I can, on every blog I visit.
  • I do try to make the comment relevant to what I found on the blog.
  • if the person has reviewed a book I have blogged about then I leave the URL of my review. Sometimes I comment on what they've said in their review.
When people comment on my blog, I try to leave a reply.

Here are some websites I found
What suggestions do you have?

At the time of writing (21 April) my blog has 624 posts and 1799 comments.
That is a ratio of 2.89 comments per post.


BooksPlease said...

Useful stuff!

I try to leave a reply when people comment on my blog - either on my blog, on the other person's blog or by email - whichever seems most appropriate.

Kerrie said...

I always find it good to know that people have dropped by Marg, particularly if they are people I "know". I'm not yet used to people replying "privately" by email. That always seems a little strange.

Dorte H said...

It is so pathetic really that I am too hung up to take BIP seriously right now. I started out well, and my kind readers (e.g. the Australians) are so good at leaving nice & engaged comments on my blog.
So this was just to say that I appreciate that I have found you and your blog, and enjoy it every time you visit me :D

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I try to always respond to comments left on my blog, and try to leave at least 5 quality comments on other blogs everyday. I don't always succeed with the second one, but I'm trying!

Thank you for the links, they look very helpful! Do you mind if I add them (along with a link to this post) at the bottom of the BIP post for this week?

Kerrie said...

You are forgiven Dorte - it is all in a good cause!

Kerrie said...

Kim, that is fine with me. I'm just sorry I didn't find more. I was surprised at how difficult relevant sites were to find.

Kerrie said...

today, May 2, there are 1882 comments on 639 posts. Average is now 3 comments per post. That however includes my replies. I am now trying to do an individual reply to each comment.

Yurtdisi Egitim said...

Commenting on blogs !!. You need to read it first, understand the subject and if you have an opinion share it then. Don't just leave meaningless "Hi I am here" type of comments. It doesn't serve anyone any good including yourself.

Kerrie said...

Yurtdisi, I also understand if people just want to let you know that they've visited. Sometimes it is hard to think of something to say that nobody else has already said.


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