28 April 2009

Brunetti's Venice

There's a new Donna Leon book out this month: ABOUT FACE.
I'm looking forward to getting hold of it.
It is #18 in the Brunetti series, published at a rate of about 1 a year since 1992.

I identified Donna Leon as one of my favourite authors soon after beginning this blog.

In that post I listed some sites you might check:
Tours of Guido Brunetti's Venice
Places to visit
Her UK Random House site
Italian Mysteries site

I also listed and described titles that I had read before beginning the blog.

About this time last year I reviewed THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS.

There have been a couple of new things come across my desk recently that may be of interest to Brunetti fans.

First of all there's Taking a walk through Detective Brunetti's Venice but I'm not sure if you will be able to listen to it if you are outside Australia.
Toni Sepeder, author of Brunetti's Venice, and Donna Leon took Tom Morris from the BBC World Service for a tour of Brunetti's haunts in Venice. The mp3 file is on the Australian national broadcasting site at the ABC.
Let me know how you go in listening to it.

Venice Panoramas is a real treat for those who read Donna Leon's books, and indeed for all who enjoy Venice.

There are a number of panoramas to look at. The trick is to click on one of the panoramas and then let it load. Once it is loaded, click & drag your mouse to navigate in the panorama. Compiled in 2004, some of these panoramas are just stunning. They are 360 degrees so you can look all around you. You can almost smell the water! Enjoy!

EuroCrime reviewed the book BRUNETTI'S VENICE by Toni Sepeda, and there's a list of feature films located in Venice at Fictional Cities.

If you have reviewed ABOUT FACE do let me know.


Bernadette said...

I've only read one of these books (with another couple in Mt TBR) but I do love Venice.

Tim said...

No problem downloading and playing the Brunetti/Donna Leon MP3 from here in the UK. Thanks for the link.

Marg said...

I have been meaning to start reading this series for ages. Thanks for the reminder!

Kerrie said...

What I like about the Brunetti books Bernadette is the way Donna Leon sets them against the background of modern Venice and the problems they've had with environment and politics. I really like Brunetti's feisty wife, Paola, who teaches English at the University. She is my sort of person.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the feedback Tim. Down here in Oz we often find that BBC and US podcasts do have a geographic limit and frustratingly we can't download them.

Kerrie said...

A good series to read in order Marg although there are nearly 20 of them now. You see Leon's development as a writer, and the development of Brunetti and his team. I particularly like Signora Electra who moves with the times and adds internet searching to her bag of tricks.


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