1 April 2009

Review: PANDORA'S DAUGHTER, Iris Johansen

Published 2007, digital audio version of 11 hours of listening on 9 CDs, from Brilliance Audio, narrated by Jennifer Van Dyck.

Listen to an audio sample

Megan Blair, once had a different name. That was before her mother was murdered. But when she was 15, at her mother's funeral, her mother's brother, whom she had never met before, came into her life.

Megan has always wondered if she is not just a little mad - she hears voices, sometimes screaming so loud that she can barely think. It has happened all her life, and her mother warned her not to tell anybody.

But now she is an adult, a qualified physician, and someone is trying to kill her. The voices, which seem to have been under control, have come back, and Neal Grady whom she remembers from the summer when her mother was killed, has re-appeared. And her life will never be the same.

The blurbs I have seen at Brilliance Audio and Fantastic Fiction tell you much more of the story than I want to do here. I enjoyed listening to the book, but be warned there is a paranormal element that may stretch credibility for you. It is just slightly towards the edge of the crime fiction/thriller books that I usually read.

My rating: 4.2

Iris Johansen is an incredibly prolific writer. She will be publishing 4 books this year, and there were 3 new titles in 2008. Megan Blair makes a second appearance in QUICKSAND.

It make increase your enjoyment of the story if you do a little background reading about Pandora.

Other reviews to check:
  • M&C says the book "is a nicely developed thriller that combines strong antagonists, likeable protagonists and just the right amount of sexual tension for a dynamite read."
  • Book Reporter says "fans of romantic suspense should find PANDORA'S DAUGHTER to be a highly satisfying read."


Anonymous said...

This book was very disappointing. The dialogue is banal and trite and the story was a bit silly.

Kerrie said...

So I guess you didn't like it :-)


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