5 April 2009

Sunday Salon, 5 April 2009

Good morning fellow Sunday Saloners.
I hope you've had a good, productive reading week.

I've discovered through this week's poll (23 participants) that my TBR pile is not the highest in the world, indeed even among readers of this blog.
If you have more than 250 books sitting on your shelves, just waiting to be read, then you are in good company here. The home economists among us might do some calculations, multiply the number of books by the cost of one book and come up with a staggering amount, but that is just too depressing!

This week's poll
What did you do with the last book you finished reading?
There are 7 choices:
returned it to the lender; handed it on to someone else to read; returned it to the library; sold it at the used books shop; advertised it on Book Mooch (or similar); put it back on my shelves; other.
Do come in and vote!

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This week's posts
Currently reading
  • now - MURDER ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT, Kerry Greenwood
  • next - IRON HEART, Marshall Browne
  • in the car - THE WHOLE TRUTH, David Baldacci
Changes on Smik's Reviews
I made some changes yesterday on the site where I store my reviews to make it easier for people to browse my various lists.
I now have individual posts for
If you follow the RSS feed for the site, you will get an alert whenever I change any one of those pages.

Searching for crime fiction reviews.
The customised Google search you will find at the very top right of Mysteries in Paradise now searches my site and about 120 others, so if you are looking for information about any crime fiction title you should be able to locate it.


Marg said...

It should be no surprise to know that my last book went back to the library!

wisteria said...

My book was a required read for my American History class, so it is on my shelf in my basket for that class.

Their were 9 books for this class with an average of about 300 pages.
One book a week. Yikes!!!
Only two to go, and I did it!

Gavin said...

Library! I don't know what I'd do without it.

Literary Feline said...

I don't even want to contemplate how much the books sitting in my TBR room cost all together. I'd probably faint three times over.

I tend to keep most of the books I read, but sometimes I give them away. Either in a contest or just because. I do loan books on occasion, but not very often.

Kerrie said...

My library is a life saver too.
I tend to give my books away quite willingly. I very rarely re-read a book, and I really have far too many lying around.

Thanks for dropping in everyone.

Yvonne said...

I can't even think of how much my TBR cost me. So, I prefer to put that thought out of my mind. LOL

Have a great Sunday!


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