19 April 2009

Collaborations in Paradise

A writing challenge

Are you up to contributing a few lines to a collaborative crime fiction story? Whether you are a published writer or simply a reader of the genre, and even if you aren't, here is your chance to contribute to a unique project.

I am running an activity which is a variation of a "serial" story, written by multiple contributors, authors and readers of crime fiction.

For the purpose of writing the story I have created a site at http://todaysmeet.com/murder_paradise
I'm inviting you to contribute to the story. You have to write in gobbets of 140 characters (a bit like Twitter really) but you may contribute more than one gobbet either in sequence or from time to time.
I'll copy the gobbets into a special post called The Story in sequence, so you will be able to follow the story there, as well as via an RSS feed of my blog.

I want to acknowledge the contributors as much as I can, so when you've made a contribution make a comment on this post letting me know.

I'm not sure how long this project will run for, but I'm sure we'll know when it has run its course.
I will be inviting some writers of note to make specific contributions, so we don't just meander on aimlessly.

Once we are at the end, then I will call for suggestions for titles and we will vote on the most suitable.
Follow our progress at The Story

If you are reading this post, you could assist by promoting the project on your blog and email lists.

The Story ... Updated


Timothy Hallinan said...

Have contributed, Kerrie. Don't know what Victor's going to do with the turtle, but if this were one of my own books, I wouldn't know, either. I'd just write it and see how it comes out.

Hope this grows and grows.


Unknown said...

I went over and added a few sentences to your story. I saw the info posted on the 4MA site. It's really fun! By the way, I used the name AnythngArt, but it's me, Christine.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the contribution Timothy. I wonder how large the turtle is?

Kerrie said...

Christine, add more whenever you feel like it. The story has taken some interesting turns.


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