19 April 2009

monobook or polybook reader?

In other words how many books do you have "on the go" at present?
Perhaps you are having a rest from serious reading, or perhaps you have a book parked in various places for different occasions?
Take the poll in the sidebar and then leave a comment on the post if you like.
The poll closes on April 25th.


sally906 said...

I have (and usually do have) 3 books on the go. One at work (lives in my handbag) One beside the bed (usually my light and fluffy read) and one in the lounge room. I don't usually get them muddled up at all as I mostly have them as different genre :)

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted to discover that there's a word for people like me who read more than one book at a time: I'm proud to be a polybook LOL. I always have one on the bedside table, always fiction; I always have one on the coffee table to read when the sport section interrupts the news & weather (usually NF); and I always have one in the bag or the car for those 'dead' moments in coffee shops, waiting rooms or train journeys - this has to be something that can be dipped into e.g at the moment it's The Odyssey in the car and The Magic Pudding in the handbag (reading that for work)
Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers

Kerrie said...

Even took a book to the football today to read during quarter and half time (mainly because I am trying to finish it), but usually I can't manage more than one print one, and one on CDs in the car. Do you ever get characters muddled?

Bernadette said...

I usually have at least one print and one audio going at a time. Sometimes 2 print ones - that depends on if they're borrowed or not. If I'm reading a borrowed book I won't read it in bed 'cos I have a habit of falling asleep on top of the book and getting the pages crinkled and I like to give a book back to the friend/library in the condition I got it in :)

I never get my characters muddled up though I do tend to have different types of books going - a thriller, a procedural and a cosy for example. Or (shock) sometimes one of them will be non crime fiction!

Marg said...

I usually have two on the go - one that I carry around and read on the commute, and the other I read at night! This week, because of the read-a-thon I actually have three on the go.

Kerrie said...

That's an interesting personal rule Bernadette. I don't think I can remember falling asleep over a book, although sometimes I realise I've had my eyes shut for quite a long time!

Kerrie said...

Reading different genres would help in avoiding getting muddled Sally.
You read so quickly too..

Kerrie said...

I saw you were doing the readathon Marg. There were quite a large number of people involved weren't there?

Marg said...

It seems to be growing every time it is held. I am not convinced that the start and end times are particularly friendly to us Aussies, basically because there isn't enough recovery time until we have to go to work on Monday! Last time I was a cheerleader which was a lot of fun, and this time I tried to be a reader, but life got in the way a little!


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