29 April 2009

The dangers of reading crime fiction

Sometimes I wonder about the titles of the books that I read.
I guess they could be worse.
The only time I really wanted to hide the cover of the book that I was reading was when I was reading Kathy Lette's HOW TO KILL YOUR HUSBAND.
What is the most embarassing title you've ever read?

I don't read books in public much, but perhaps you read on the bus or train?
Have you ever felt the need to hide what you are reading?

Years ago people used to put covers on their books, material ones and paper ones, and I've discovered they are still available.
Do you use them?


Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Yes, the cover of Death in Breslau and its follow-up are definitely embarrassing (to me)! I do use covers where possible, I have a selection of various sizes though they are clear plastic rather than pretty. Helps keep the books nice and more donate-able I find :).

Dorte H said...

There may be books I wouldn´t be caught reading in a train compartment, mostly because of ugly covers, but in my own home? Like you, I would be discreet if I were reading Kathy Lette´s book :D

Kerrie said...

Karen, I can go with the covers keeping the book in good condition, and I have seen people with cloth covers on their books now I think about it.
I think covers are really less lurid these days, but some titles are a bit striking

Kerrie said...

Dorte, the Kathy Lette book took a bit of explaining as you can imagine. In fact it was a bit too chick-lit and tongue in cheek for me. Hubby was not sure about his safety for some time :-)

Bernadette said...

I am currently reading a non-fiction book about the search for the virus that caused the 1918 influenza pandemic - the book has the word FLU in big letters on the cover and I was reading it at my favourite coffee shop this morning and 2 people started talking to me about the current flu panic. I could have done with a discreet cover because I hate talking to people in the mornings.

Belle said...

How To Kill Your Husband is such a great title!

I can't think of any books I've read with embarrassing titles although I'm sure there have been a few.


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