13 April 2009

Up for Grabs - THE IRON HEART by Marshall Browne

Marshall Browne is an Australian author and you will find I have referred to him quite a bit in my blog.

I am offering a copy of Browne's latest book THE IRON HEART (just reviewed) and I am willing to send it anywhere in the world.
But you will have to work for it!

There are 10 questions to answer.
This label will help you find most of what you need. You may have to follow a link or two to get the right answer.
You must answer via a comment - I have put Comments into moderation to facilitate this.

Even if you don't actually want a copy of the book, you can enter the competition. Just say in your comment that you don't want a copy.
I will take entries until April 25 and if there is more than one winner I'll pick the winner's name out of a hat.
On April 27 I will announce the correct answers, as well as who has won the book, and invite the person to contact me by email.

The Questions:

  1. Which of the above is Marshall Browne?
  2. Which Marshall Browne book is basically a classic locked room mystery?
  3. In which Inspector Anders book does a bomb explode in the boardroom on the 33rd floor of a Frankfurt office tower?
  4. Who is the protagonist in THE IRON HEART?
  5. What has been Marshall Browne's profession for most of his life?
  6. For which novel did Marshall Browne win Best First Novel Ned Kelly Award in 2000?
  7. What is Inspector Anders' distinguishing physical characteristic?
  8. In which Australian city are Browne's historical novels set?
  9. How many titles are there in the Inspector Anders series?
  10. How did Anders lose his leg?
So there you are. Happy researching.


Maria said...

I will tell you that I do not know if I should enter the contest...I haven't read the first book in the series or any of his other works! (I did ready your review and I am intrigued.) All that said--which book would you recommend I start with since he has so many?

I prefer stand alones, but I do read series.

I read quite a few mysteries...cozies mostly, but also thrillers and general mystery, including PI and Police Procedural. Of those, amateurs are my favorites...but I do enjoy a good thriller or a good PI or PP...

I know. You asked for answers and all I did was ask questions!!!

Kerrie said...

I don't think it much matters which book you start with Maria, although I am a "begin at the beginning of a series person" myself. However I haven't read THE EYE OF THE ABYSS ehich is the first in the Franz Schmidt series.
Do have a go at the competition - there are no attempts by anybody yet.

Maria said...

Well, let's see here.

1. A
2. Rendevous
3. Ship of Fools
4. Schmidt
5. International Banker
6.The Wooden Leg
7.He lost his leg.
8. Melbourne?
9. 12, I think.
10. An accident.

I did find a picture of Browne, but honestly, it could be b or c because the shot was so far away, it was difficult to know which of these was him...

These sound like rather interesting books, I think.


Vanda Symon said...

Hi Kerrie,

I'm going to be brave and enter your competition...
1. c
2. Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn
3. The ship of fools
4. Franz Schmidt
5. Banker
6. The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders
7. An artificial leg
8. Melbourne
9. 3
10. In the action when he closed down an Anarchist group.


(I should have been editing but was actively looking for distractions (-; )

Kerrie said...

Vanda - well done, 10/10 you are in the draw for the book

Maria - you might like to revise your answers - so far you have 7 correct. You may re-submit if you wish to. hint: click on the words This label - all the answers can be found in my posts.

Uriah Robinson said...

Hi Kerrie answering questions is a lot more difficult than setting them! Here is my attempt:

1. C
2. Inspector Anders and the Ship of Fools
3. Inspector Anders and the Ship of Fools
4. Franz Schmidt
5. Banker
6. The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders
7. An artificial leg
8. Melbourne
9. Two
10. As a result of an anarchist bomb

Not sure about No. 2 it might be A Gilded Cage.

I am encouraged to read Marshall Browne after my mini research into his books. Thanks.

Maria said...

I did, I did!!! But I didn't find them all easily and that picture confused me...


I thought you were going to post the "attempts" as we made them. Maybe it's more fun this way. (I admit, there was one answer I gave that I knew was...probably wrong. I couldn't find the answer and thought it would be interesting to see if anyone else used it!)

Tricky, tricky! Must study harder!

Kerrie said...

Good attempt Norman - I'd like you to reconsider your answer for No. 9

Maria - as you can see, I am not going to reveal anyone's answers until the end. (I'm a sadist at heart)
The questions you might like to reconsider - 1, 9, 10

Uriah Robinson said...

Hi Kerrie
Question 9. He is working on a third Inspector Anders book so three.

And people say my quizzes are difficult!
Best wishes

Kerrie said...

Not hard at all Norman :-)
You got the right answer to 9 a bit by accident.
See http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/b/marshall-browne/

Bill Barnes said...

1. C
2. Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn
3. Inspector Anders and the Ship of Fools
4. Franz Schmidt
5. International banker
6. The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders
7. An artificial leg
8. Melbourne
9. Three so far, another one coming (yay!)
10. An anarchist bomb

Kerrie said...

Well done Bill - you are in the draw at the end of this week,


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