7 April 2009

Blogging breeds Networks

One of the things I never imagined I would discover when I began this blog is the new friends in cyber space that I would make.
One of those is Cathy of Kittling Books who has been kind enough to give me the following award:

It was presented to Cathy by Wendy of We Read with the following:
So if you’ve received this award you’ll see elements of your page here on mine, you will have amazed me & you will have inspired me to find out ‘how can I do that too’. But perhaps more than that you’ll have made me smile and feel good about myself as I recognise I’m not alone if I’m reading.

1) display the grasshopper award (in my last post) on your blog knowing you have touched someone you may never meet IRL.

2) pass this on to any fellow bloggers who have taught, inspired or entertained you.

My first experience of blogs came through Peter Rozovsky at Detectives Beyond Borders who first of all joined us on oz_mystery_readers back in November 2006 and then started suggested we read this and that on his blog. His blog is still a wonderful benchmark for those who haven't been doing it as long.

I have been blogging now for over 15 months, and will be able to celebrate my 600th post very soon. A number of people whom I already knew, like Sally of Books and Musings from Downunder, were well established in blogging, and they have been a great source of information and critical help.

The very first person to leave a comment on my blog was Marg of Reading Adventures, and she welcomed me to blogging. I eventually met Marg last year at the Ned Kelly Awards.

And then the 2nd comment ever was Maxine (Petrona). She was so encouraging and gave me the idea that blogging could be a conversation. Until then it had felt a bit like spruiking on a street corner. Hot on Maxine's heels came Karen of EuroCrime and they sowed the idea that this blogging thing was global, and put you in touch with people worldwide.

By mid January last year, only 15 days into my blogging life, I had managed a post a day, and held discussions with 5 people I've mentioned here. Their encouragement spurred me on to keep this blog going, so thank you. I have great pleasure in passing the Grasshopper Award, so kindly given to me by Cathy, on to each of you.


Maxine Clarke said...

Congratulations on your award, Kerrie! My blogging evolution was pretty much as you describe yours, but it seemed to take me much longer. And I have learned a new word today, "spruiking" - must look it up!
Your blog is always such a good read, and a very welcome ornament to the crime fiction and wider blogosphere.

Marg said...

Thanks so much Kerrie!

Mack said...

Well deserved, Kerrie. MinP is one of my favorite blogs and I really appreciate the help you've given me, some of which you probably are not aware of.



Dorte H said...

And this is a very fine post about the extra benefits of blogging.

Kerrie said...

Your comments, and the fact that you are here making them, just proves that blogging breeds networks!

sally906 said...

Thanks for the award Kerrie - hope I haven't been too 'critical' didn't mean to be!!!!

Is nice catching up with online friends isn't it :)

Kerrie said...

I meant critical in the nicest possible way Sally. It's good to know you can ask questions without being categorised as a complete idiot.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Many thanks. I, too, am curious about spruiking.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Kerrie said...

Surely spruiker is not an Australian word? It relates to the person who touts their wares. Indeed my research seems to say it is of Australian origin! We probably got it from the German I suspect. http://www.allwords.com/word-spruiker.html


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