12 April 2009

Sunday Salon, 12th April 2009

This has been quite an eventful week for me, one in which I posted my 600th post, and received two awards.
I decide to create an Awards page to update as necessary. So far I have been given, and handed on, 10 awards by fellow bloggers. Should you feel like passing an award on to your fellow bloggers, consult the page, and by all means use one of the awards I've listed there.

Last week's poll asked What happened to the last book that you read?
    30 people responded:
    1 - returned it to the lender
    7 - handed it on to someone else to read
    6 - returned it to the library
    0 - sold it at the used book shop
    3 - advertised it on Book Mooch (or similar)
    12 - put it back on my shelves11 - other
I'm glad to see that most of us (60%) recycle our books by one method or another.
Even though 30 responded to the poll, it is an exceedingly small proportion of those who visited my blog last week (808) - just 3.7%. I'd love to bump that up a bit.

This week's poll (see right hand column) asks Do you ever listen to a novel?
You can choose multiple options
  • No, never
  • Yes (choose below)
  • often
  • sometimes
  • rarely
  • How (choose below)
  • tapes
  • CDs
  • mp3
  • computer
  • radio
  • other
You might like to make a comment on the associated post titled Are novels designed to be read, not heard? to explain the vote you chose.

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Currently reading
  • now - THE IRON HEART, Marshall Browne
  • next - TEA TIME FOR THE TRADIONALLY BUILT, Alexander McCall Smith
  • then - THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE, Agatha Christie
  • in the car - THE WHOLE TRUTH, David Baldacci
Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival.

A reminder to those who read Agatha Christie books, that the next edition of the Carnival will be published on April 23. Submissions will close on April 20th. Submit your contributions here.


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I don't read crime fiction, but I visit your blog almost every week. Why? I like the things you try at your blog to make it more interactive.

I like the poll idea. And, I agree: If people don't leave comments, no one knows you have been here.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for visiting DebNance, and for commenting. I appreciate your feedback

gautami tripathy said...

And you do know I read and visit you regularly. You are on my google reader!

Kerrie said...

And I watch your blog too Gautami


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