3 April 2009

Forgotten Books: Peter Corris' Cliff Hardy series

Another contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books

Peter Corris is still adding to this series so it probably doesn't qualify all that well in "forgotten books". However my records show that I read the 3rd in the series THE MARVELLOUS BOY back in 1982. Since then Corris has added to the series almost annually.

It began in 1980 with THE DYING TRADE.
The blurb from the book:

Hardy needs work. In fact, he's the type of detective who never turns down a case. He can't afford to.

So when wealthy Bryn Gutteridge, a real estate heir who amuses himself by shooting seagulls, asks Hardy to find out who has been threatening his twin sister, Susan, the private eye agrees. And finds himself on a case that turns more brutal every day.

First Gutteridge's butler is murdered. Then his pretty young stepmother is badly beaten. Hardy himself takes a few punches. And before long it's hard to tell the victims from the villains.

I recently listened to one of the much later titles, APPEAL DENIED.

So if you are looking for an Australian crime fiction series in the PI tradition, consider this one.

Peter Corris is regarded by many as the "father of Australian crime fiction", and has been recognised by Ned Kelly shortlists and Awards and in 1999 with a Life Time Achievement Award.

Peter Corris' own website will be of interest.

You'll find a list of titles with some reviews on Aust Crime Fiction.

More about Cliff Hardy on The Thrilling Detective with a list of books and short stories.
You might remember the film The Empty Beach (1985) with Bryan Brown as Cliff Hardy.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Another new name for me. I am woefully under-read in Australian crime fiction-Patricia Carlson's about it.

Kerrie said...

Glad we are expanding your knowledge Patti. Now when someone mentions Cliff Hardy you'll be able to nod sagely.


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