18 April 2009

Write a story with me - sequel

In a post yesterday I invited readers to join me in creating a Frankenstory.

The offer still holds, but the first of the stories have been completed.

by Gautami and Kerrie : stored at http://frankenstory.com/stories/04001d75

The castle was dark with only a candle lighted somewhere inside. Something was bubbling in a cauldron. She was sitting in a corner stirring a pot and singing to herself. No one had seen her face ever.
How did he come then to be climbing in through her bedroom window? It's a long story actually and I don't have much time now. He was walking down the narrow alley way under her window and heard a desperate scream for help.
It was that pesky child. Pesky or not, she needed her help. She picked up her bread knife and stealthily tiptoed next door. At least she tried to tiptoe. Her flip-flops were making so much noise. scream turned to singing...
How could have I been so wrong he thought, shaking his head in disbelief, as he burst on the scene: choir practice! True the lead soprano was straining for the top note, but he'd been sure he'd heard a scream!

Gautami is also running one of these on her blog.

by Kerrie and Bernadette : stored at http://frankenstory.com/stories/08d1eb34

There was no doubt about the body. It lay in the middle of the kitchen floor. A total stranger. But Bob had been out mowing the lawn and not seen or heard a thing. The cat showed no interest either in assisting his human to find out if there was someone lurking in the garden nor in offering the human any sort of comfort. His self grooming session had been interrupted and he was thoroughly disgruntled.
That frigid draft coming from the open bathroom door, and through it he could see a window open to the black winter's night. But that was not all he could see. There was a foot, attached to a leg, on the floor, and a trail of blood... leading, of course, up the stairs which, with the lights out, wasn't somewhere she wanted to go but she had to know if the sounds she'd heard meant what she was afraid of. God she hated the darkness.

By Maxine and Kerrie - stored at http://frankenstory.com/stories/b11e16bb

Midsomer is no place to visit without your wits about you. It must be the most dangerous place in Britain. Murders are always happening. Blood Will Out is the episode I am watching tonight with no obvious suspect. for the disappearance of the gold bathroom taps. "At least they didn't steal the plug", muttered muddy Detective Shurley Best, "so I can tip in some buckets of water and wash off the slime before the gorgeous Inspector Wingnut appears on television to talk about the caterpillar murders. Until now the Slug's role in these murders had been a mystery but now it was obvious that he not only paid the villains but supplied the means by which they carried them out. in such a way that nobody could disover the secret. "But what about the wellies?", they wondered. Would they give the game away? As the sun rose above the distant hills, a quiet "quack" was heard on the deceptively peaceful pond.

So if you want to write a story with me, just go to Frankenstory. You will need my email address - look at the link in the top right corner and you will have it.

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