19 April 2009

Sunday Salon - 19 April 2009

A week is quite a long time in cyberland, and I am still blogging far too often..
33 posts so far this month!
This week I have been playing around with a few more things.
  • I've set up a Twitter account (smiksa) and learning about how it works. I am still thinking about separating my work-a-day persona and my crime fiction one though.
  • Petrona pointed her readers to Frankenstory and I have issued a general invitation to any of mine to write a story with me.
Breaking News
Last week's poll asked Do You ever listen to a novel? and there was an associated post.
    33 people voted but the stats are a bit difficult to reconcile.
    11 said they never had
    Of the remaining, 7 said often, 7 sometimes, and 5 rarely.
    how: tapes (4), CDs (13), mp3 (11), computer (2), radio (1), other (1)
Thanks to everyone who participated.

This week's poll: Are you a monobook or polybook reader?
In other words how many books do you have "on the go" at present?
Perhaps you are having a rest from serious reading, or perhaps you have a book parked in various places for different occasions? Take the poll in the sidebar and then leave a comment on the post if you like.

The opportunity to win a copy of THE IRON HEART by Marshall Browne by doing a bit of cyber sleuthing until April 25. Details here.

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival.
A reminder to those who read Agatha Christie books, that the next edition of the Carnival will be published on April 23. Submissions will close on April 21st. Submit your contributions here.

This Week's posts:
Currently Reading
  • now - THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE, Agatha Christie
  • next - ECHOES FROM THE DEAD, Johan Theorin
  • then - THE WRITING CLASS, Jincy Willett
  • in the car - A PALE HORSE, Charles Todd.
    This is great. I can see already I'll be looking for more by Charles Todd.
Online Places to buy Australian Books


Bernadette said...

I always want to know what the OTHER responses mean in surveys but with your audiobook poll I am stumped - what other way is there to listen to an audiobook? Has one of your readers hired a personal reader?

Kerrie said...

I struggled to know what "other" might mean too Bernadette. I thought I had covered all bases, but put other in just in case, hoping if someone used it they might enlighten me via a comment.

unfinishedperson said...

As always, you put the rest, or at least much of the rest, of the book blogosphere to shame with the number of posts you put up a week -- and all quality posts too.

That said, I'm a monogamous reader (voted on side), a member of your Agatha Christie Reading Challenge (just submitted latest reviews to monthly carnival) and a follower of yours on Twitter (as of just a few minutes ago). My Twitter account is jstareadingfool. Look forward to catching up with you more over there (do you know about Twitterfeed where you can post your feed directly to Twitter? If not, it saves a little bit of time).

Sorry about all the parentheses (that's just the way I am ;).

Kerrie said...

I am a basically a monogamous reader too unfinishedperson. I really can't cope with one more print book at once. I like to focus on what I am reading and if I try to read more than one at once, I find one book will take over.


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